Wednesday, June 3, 2009


It's blueberry season!!

My favorite fruit. Those yummy, yummy blueberries!! This past weekend we went to a "Pick'n' Gather" Riverdance festival. It was held at an organic blueberry and cherry farm. We had a great time, even though it was so darn hot! We actually decided to arrive early to save us some time from staying out in the heat too long. We enjoyed listening to a variety of musicians...

This was a really great 2 piece acoustic blues band-I'm ony sorry that I can't remember the name. We were able to cool down and enjoy some music and dancing. There were a lot of information booths out there as well as local artisans. One of the main river's from our area actually runs through this huge farm, so you could actually take a hayride out to the river and play in the water! We enjoyed some great food and drink-all local. There were even free seedlings for the little one's to plant in a biodegradable pot to take home.

All in all it was a great event, which we attend annually. This is the 3rd year. The first year it was held, Tyler was the same age Zoe is now. So it kind of has special meaning for us to attend each year. It's as if this annual event grows along with our family.

Before we left we did get to go blueberry picking. Yummy, my favorite part..mmmm.


  1. Tyler must of been in heaven. I know he loves blueberries!

  2. *BLISS* : )
    We have a similar sounding festival that is in the Fall, I always wish it happened a few times a year it is a favorite place to be!
    The blueberries look so good!

  3. We had a great time at the Pick & Gather also!

    My daughter sold her "Hey Honey Organic Lemonade", I took pictures and picked those yummy blueberries and cherries!

    There is a farm event this weekend you would enjoy...The Heartland Festival, Saturday, June 27th.
    Visit my site for more details: & treat your family to our delicious lemonade!

    I love your blog!

    Just Anna