Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sharing the love- Fellow Bloggers

Since we've been gone this past week, I had some catching up on reading the blogs that I follow.
There's so much interesting stuff happening here in the blog world, so I thought I'd share some of the stuff that I am involved in and would love to share with you. You'll read more about them as soon as I get a chance to blog more in depth.

  • Over at Nicole's - GardenMama there's a very lovely giveaway for "Mama AND Child" sized aprons. They will be neutral in color and are from her very own collection. Thank you Nicole for sharing the love!

  • Over at This Vintage Chica; she is doing a "Summer Unschool" project. It's an opportunity for those of us who want to give unschooling a try, if for anything-the summer. It's also an opportunity for other's to network and share what they and their families are working on. Personally, I'm quite excited about it. As I'm sure my little guy and I will have a great time learning whatever it is he wants. And a great opportunity for me as well. I know that her starting this has upset some of the "Unschoolers" that subscribe to her blog, but along with that, she did interviews with some of those very same people, as they themselves wanted to educate everyone on what it means to be an "unschooler" full time...to live it. We signed up for this a few months ago and have been looking forward to begin! I hope to learn a lot from these ladies. If you have a chance or are interested, please check it out.

  • The last thing I would love to share with you today was started by Mel at From Clutter to Shine . I first read about it from Through the Eye of the Needle. Thank you Jenell! It's about female empowerment and support. It's about overcoming and reaching new heights in one's own life. It's about growth and our spiritual journey. It's about life and sisterhood. It's the "Sisterhood of the Purple Bicycle." It's so what I need in my life right now...that connection with like-minded women, who are on that same path. Thank you Mel!


  1. Yippee for the Sisterhood and yippee to unschooling!! I think you're going to enjoy both!!


  2. Woo-hoo! You're a sister! But, I knew that already.... :)