Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Homemade Life

It's finally here! I'm one of those people who love our local library. It's such a great resource. I don't know how many books I've been checking out from there lately-mostly crafting and cookbooks, but it's been great. So...I've been on the waiting list for quite some time now for, A Homemade Life- Stories and Recipes from My Kitchen Table, by Molly Wizenberg a.k.a. Orangette , finally arrived. I just got it and already I can't put it down. Although I did put it down to make one of the recipes for banana bread with chocolate chips and crystallized ginger-mmmm. If you haven't heard of her and like to cook , then you may want to take a look at her blog. She hasn't been posting for a while, but she does have some wait, super yummy and super easy recipes for those that like to cook and try new things.
It actually couldn't have come at a better time. I've been on this baking kick lately. I, I know it's because of our "Wednesday Baking Day", that Tyler and I have after he awakes from his afternoon nap. I've been getting my inspiration back to cook and bake. Normally this does not happen until winter. I don't know what it is about winter, but once it starts to get cold I'm all about cooking, baking, and a nice glass of wine! During the summer it's often so hot where we live, I'm usually just trying to keep cooled down since Mama doesn't do hot all that well. Anyhow, it's here (both my motivation AND the book) and I like it! It's gonna be a yummy summer. The other thing I've been wanting to learn how to do so badly is both canning and pickling. Don't ask me why I've been yearning to do this so badly, but I don't know? I want my hubby and babies to open up the pantry and see it filled with all that summer yumminess all for them to enjoy throughout winter, compliments of Mommy. I guess it's an extension of my love for them. Yeah, I think that explains it extension of my love.


  1. ooo I have heard great things about her book, I also enjoy her blog!
    Glad to hear your cooking 'mojo' is back : ) I agree, I am all about the coziness and cooking in Winter. I am with you on the canning too!! Happy summer days to you : )

  2. Those muffins sound so good! My mouth watered when I was reading the post. Baking in the winter time is a perfect fit.

  3. Gardenmama-Yes, It'll be so nice this year to bring some of summer into the winter months. Happy summer days to you too :D

    Mama Ruck- It's actually bread, but I think they would be better as muffins...great idea! I'll have to try that next time :D

  4. I know it doesn't seem like it yet--BUT winter is upon those of you who actually see winter. It seems those wonderful home made things appear when the weather gets cooler.
    So just an fyi.

    I have been "cookie lady" for years, making cookies, breads and fun muffins.

    I always use whole wheat flour and molasses.
    (never a recipe -- but when first learning to cook w/wheat, oats, etc, use the recipe and replace tit for tat)
    AND cook at a lower temp. My chocolate chip cookies w/whole wheat are always a hit!!
    I replace lets say 1/2 of the flour and use whole oats, I use another part of the flour and use wheat germ (extra moist and yummy).
    Just some household hints for winter approaching for those of you who may want to bake some goodies for your friends and loved ones!! :)
    the Mom
    the Grandma
    the suzie

  5. Oh wait, not 1/2 of the flour is oats,
    but if the recipe calls for 2C flour, I use
    maybe 1/2C oats, & 1/2C wheat germ,
    w/the cup of flour!! (the flour holds it together!!!)
    and for the molasses, it is a sweetener, so just use what you use for sweetening, use a little less and add molasses. I prefer the
    Barbados or light blackstrap molasses.
    also if the recipe says 350 degrees, I cook at 325 for a little longer, you will get to be the grandma of cooking like me, not HAVE to time, look, push in the toothpick, etc, I still do for my breads, not much else.

    those of you who have the wonderful clay baking sheets, NICE!!! (nothing burns!)

    I put butter right ON THE BREAD out of the oven, lets say banana, or zucchini bread.
    I LOVE too cook, to bad I live alone,
    waisted cooking (or no cooking, for no one)

    My Daniel always was my best eater--LOVING everything I cooked. Rose is lucky to have him!!! (me too--;))