Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Some new Mama projects!!

I'm so excited!! Today I was going to blog about either our trip to the "Heartland Festival", our 4th of July weekend, or a new recipe that I created today...but...that'll have to wait. So here I am, sharing a couple of them with you!

As some of you may or may not know, I use to be an antique's/collectibles and vintage clothing dealer. I use to have a booth in our local antique mall. It was very fun, considering I really love it all! I closed up shop last summer due to the recession and not having the time to dedicate to scouting new items, since I now have babies. Try hitting up an estate sale with a baby and a 2 year old. It's just not happening! Besides, my prioirities have changed. I'm more focused on my children, motherhood, and learning to be quite the homemaker :D

I've saved a lot of my stock. In case I plan to re-open, sell at flea markets, or anything of that sort. As some of you may also know, I've really been on the decluttering rampage, to simplify our lives. Well, lately I've been coming up with some really great ideas of what to do with my stock and have finally found something that suites me perfectly. I'm going to have a "Vintage Lounge" in my home. One of our rooms is going to be cleared out for an evening. It'll be invite only, with a wine bar, speakeasy or poetry reading section, and racks of vintage clothes, shoes, purses, knick knacks, etc. for sale. Two of my girlfriends have agreed to join in so that we can mix it up. They're on the decluttering rampage too, so this works out so perfect for us all! I'm really excited about this and hope that it will be a success! Oh please wish me luck!!

The second thing I want to start up is for all my apron loving friends out there in blogworld.

I would like to host an "Apron Swap". I can either pair you up, or we can do a "Trade Classifieds" - where you post what you have (apron-wise) and what type of apron you would like to trade for. This would be for aprons you already own (vintage, new, childrens, etc.) and would like to trade. We can post pics in a flick'r group for the classifieds. I don't know about you, but I absolutely love aprons! I would like to get some feedback and take it from there.

My third project that I'm looking into is to begin a local Crafter's Guild. This one seems like it would be very time consuming at first, however, once we get a Board of Trustees, or whatever it is that Guild's have, then it may get easier. I want to help network our local crafter's and hold bazaar's, since we currently have nothing like this right now in our small city. This one is still up in the air. much to think about!!

These are my idea's this week- lol! I just felt that if I put it out there, maybe something will click. What to do, what to do???


  1. Oooooohhh!! What a flurry of creative energy!! How wonderful!!

    I LOVE your idea of the Vintage Lounge...fabulous!! Wish I was closer....*grin*.

    I'm not an apron-maker so can't join your swap (although it sounds really neat) and I think starting a Crafter's Guild is a great way to support and promote your local artisans and craftspeople --plus to make their stuff more easily accessible to the public. Yay for handmade!!

    Best of luck in all your ventures!!

  2. Thank you Mel for your words of encouragement! I often come up with these idea that I get so excited about, but then I let them go, because I'm unsure if other's would be interested. This time I'm following through with a few :D
    The apron exchange is actually for already owned aprons - Vintage, new, children's. Any aprons that you already own for trade only. I'll go back and clarify it in my post. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks again mama!

  3. wow!! i love the idea of a vintage lounge. sounds like so much fun. i'd be super interested in the apron swap if i had an apron to begin with. :( i've been telling myself for MONTHS that i need a real apron! one of these days i'll get around to it i'm sure...

    what exactly is a crafter's guild? sounds interesting!


  4. Lovely to hear of your creative pursuits mama!
    Good for you in getting them out there!

  5. Oh, wow! I love all of your ideas. The guild will most likely end up being quite a bit of work, but if you get a good board going, you can delegate. The swap and vintage lounge sound terrific. As you take each one on, please post in your blog how everything is going. Good luck!

  6. I love the idea of a vintage lounge!

  7. The vintage lounge and apron swap sound awesome, count me in! There might be some Merced area crafters at the Hughson craft fair coming up in November, that would be a great place for networking!