Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Antique Roadshow!!

This past Saturday one of my long time dreams came true! I know it may sound a bit silly to some, but I have always-I say ALWAYS wanted to attend the "Antique Roadshow". I am pleased to say that Saturday the 15th of August, that dream finally came true-lol!
My goodness what a fun time!! I was utterly impressed by all the attendees. The energy there was amazing. Everyone was so giddy, yet contained themselves very well, so it was not overwhelming. People were discussing their items left and right. Stopping one another to take a look a items. There was no pushing, no fussing. Even when an item wasn't what one had thought, you would still see a smile on people's faces. People actually cheered one another after long waits in line to go get the appraisals and congratulated each other. I was so very pleasantly pleased and impressed. It was a fabulous time!
In the pic is one of the appraiser's with one of my textiles. It is a set of two. This here is folded, but is a handpiece done for a card table. I had the era correctly, but wasn't sure of the total worth. I bought the little one for $3 and the larger for $5. They ended up being a worth of $75 and $125! Not too shabby, if I do say so myself. I absolutely love the needle work, so these are staying in my personal collection. I had also taken a piece that I was hoping would be a museum piece. Turns out it is...a museum gift shop piece from the 1920's. There goes our retirement fund! loL! My other piece was a Haviland covered vegetable dish, that I was dating late 1700's to early 1800's. It turns out it was from the 1800's and one of the better pieces he has seen from this collection. I was pretty close! It is such a beautiful piece and is only worth $20?? I've seen them on Ebay for more? I was glad to know that I can now use it for Thanksgiving this year. I was so glad to know that other than my faux museum piece (yard sale find), that I was pretty much on the nose dating my items! I'm getting quite good at that :D
One of the highlights of the day, was that I did get Mark Wahlberg's autograph- double :D
He is the show's host and not to be mistaken with Mark Wahlberg of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch aka Donnie Wahlberg from NKOTB little brother...ok, now I'm really laughing out loud! Everyone in our line was quite shy, so leave it to me to walk up to him and casually say, "Mark, would you mind giving me your autograph?". He was so nice and had his little Sharpie pen ready *Giggle! I walked back in line as the ladies around us had to see his actual autograph. I let them know we were on a first name basis *giggle again. I tell you, I felt like such a schoolgirl at the show-so giddy! As I sit here typing and retelling the story, I'm blushing! My goodness! I'll save face and not tell you about how my gal pal Kelly and I became so nervous behind the camera while filming our feedback and couldn't stop giggling again after that. It's so weird how things like that can happen. Ohhh...good times I tell you! Good times :D


  1. wow, I also would love to go. Where was this??

    what a great way to spend Jason's birthday!!

    I have a dish dated from the 1800 given to me while my ex-husband and I were in Japan, the piece is from China, it has a ying and yang on the bottom, someday I will get it appraised. What fun for you!! I didn't know, how utterly cool !!

    the grandma,
    the mom

  2. How wonderful to go to an Antiques Road show, it must have been so exciting!

  3. Oh how fun is that!!!! Whoo hoo!! Glad ya enjoyed yourself!!! I will tell you a secret - mee too! I love that show! Hugs, Sarah

  4. oh, you must have been over the moon!
    thank you sweet rose for all of your warm and kind thoughts on my blog, it is lovely to know you : ) xo happy new week!