Thursday, October 29, 2009

Creative Family in the Dell

Last month we attended a wonderful workshop, hosted by Jennifer & Rick Tan of Syrendell. It was a great experience for our family as we had an awesome time and learned quite a bit in a day! The workshop was geared for families with little tots. There was an intro to Waldorf Ed. along with philosophy of Rudolf Steiner.
As a family we were able to learn, hands-on about the "Wet on Wet Method" of painting with watercolor. This is something that I've been wanting to learn for a while, so that Tyler and I could do this together. I really found it helpful. Dada really enjoyed the watercoloring alot more than he thought he would, which was really nice to hear. This means that Dada and Tyler will be spending time painting together.

We also had craft time- I learned to spin yarn from a drop spindle! Another thing that I've been wanting to learn for quite some time. The drop spindle was so much fun! I'm so looking foward to making some more of my own handspun yarn. It's so meditative and fullfilling to create with fibers. I can't quite put my finger on what it is about just is. Jennifer is actually going to be holding another workshop next month on fiber arts. I'll get to learn to spin on the wheel at that one *grinning in anticipation!
We did have some outdoor craft time too with the little one's. Here we made some cute little acorn people with the acorns that the kids picked up from their nature walk. They turned out so cute!

Auntie Brandy with Tyler

One thing we were all able to enjoy as a family was a "Drum Circle". Though this is not "Traditional Waldorf", we completely enoyed it. I absolutely LOVE drum circles. We are a music family, so I was very glad that we all were able to share music time with every one. What a perfect way to end the day!
Jennifer and her family are truly wonderful and have such amazing spirits. Thank you Jennifer & Rick for sharing your wisdom with us.
DH with Zoe at Steiner College

Afterward, we had a chance to head over to the Steiner College...such gorgeous grounds. Unfortunately since it was Sunday there was no one there, but we'll definitely get to go again next month :D There's a biodynamic garden, a cute bookstore-and from peeking into the window it looks like they have some great stuff-lol, I just couldn't help myself! They have a really cute children's room with a playground next to it. A nice cafe, from which we had our lunch brought to us at the workshop-Vegan Enchiladas-oh so good! One of the art rooms that I looked into was very simple, but the lines were amazing and the lighting was beautiful due to the natural lighting from the skylights.
Tyler playing in the children's playground

We had a quick snack, let the little ones run around in the play area for a wee bit, then headed back home...oh, did I mention it was a 2 hour drive. Yes, but well worth it :D
The great thing is, not only did I get to share this with my whole family, but one of my best gal pals got to share and learn alongside with me. What a great Mama bonding experience!

MamaRuck and Myself


  1. Rose, it was absolutely wonderful meeting you and your beautiful family! We can't wait to see you again at the fiber arts day in November.

  2. How lovely to attaed a workshop with Jennifer, she is so creative and amazing, it sounds like you had a wonderful time:)



  3. I am so envious that you live close enough to the wonderful Tans to get to do this workshop. Looks like a wonderful day.