Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend Finds

This weekend was the weekend of super scores...

On Saturday one of our neighbors had an estate sale because they are moving out of state. We were actually on our way to the Saturday Farmer's Market and while passing by had seen a watering can that I wanted. I decided to turn around and stop. Good thing I did, because for a very, very reasonable price, I scored this lovely oak dining set!

It has the extra leaf with the two captain's chair's and 4 regular chairs. I'm more of a walnut wood type of gal and a bit more modern, but even I could appreciate that it is a very pretty set. We really needed a new dining set. As luck would have it, I picked Dan up a really great Troy Built lawn mower for only $20...another great score!! Dan's just broke down not too long ago, so the timing was perfect. Even Dada couldn't complain about that :D

On Sunday we went to the annual swap meet held in downtown Hornitos, Ca. It is a historical town that was the where the hustle and bustle use to be during California's gold rush. I LOVE going to this swap meet! It's only once a year, so I always go :D There are vendor's from many towns that come to sell, and people from many towns that come to buy. I have to say, I was VERY pleased by my purchases here.

One lady had just about everything that I love and the prices were jaw droppingly low!! Here are a few of the items that I scored from her.This basket was filled with all this and more! A beautiful L.L. Bean Lavendar fleece pull over= .50, Ryka outdoor walking shoes =$1, Teva's=$1, beautiful Eddie Bauer riding styled boots= $5...all in mint condition, and a number of other items ALL for $35!! Can you believe that! It was definitely a gold mine for me! Uh oh, I'm sounding like that master card commercial-lol!

From another booth, I found all these cloth napkins... a little over 30 of them for only $5!This dish towel was only $1 at the same linen's booth. It reminds me of Babar...isn't he so cute? I think about the person who put all that love and time into embroidering this towel. I wonder what she was like. Did she have many children? What was her life like? How gratified she must of felt after completing her project! What other crafts did she enjoy? I find myself thinking of things like that more and more, because I know all the love I put into my projects. There's that connection with these other women that made these items, or used the crafting tools, and yet I know nothing of their them or their personal life story. Ok, so I'm a bit dorky like that...I just can't help it-lol!
Even Tyler found a new instrument all on his own for only $1...

The funny thing is...over the past few weeks, I've been seriously purging our home of items that are no longer useful either to ourselves or to our lifestyle. I've generally been avoiding any type of thrift buying, yard or estate sales, etc. However, I have been keeping my eye open for those items that we do need or want. It's wonderful how when you actually make the room for comes! I love how that happens ;D


  1. Wow...what terrific finds! Is that a yarn swift I see in the basket! How fun. I do find it interesting that when we purge things from the past, we also seem to open a door for new things to enter. I think that it is a natural life energy (very Feng Shui, too). Wonderful post, Rose! :)

  2. You have done some wonderful purging to be open for those great finds! Bravo!

  3. the table is perfect!! fyi my little table was gladly accepted by my landlord for his little place. he left a lovely white oak table for me.

    I have been cleaning, and cleaning,,,,ugg, ewww, you smokers that smoke INSIDE a home have no idea how stinky your abode is!! but finally I have it set up Suzie style.

    I cannot find my dtv remote, boo hoo, I am missing all the new series of shows I like, but it is okay. so I clean, unpack, and job hunt. I also have been sleeping!! YEAH!!! I think I am catching up a years worth of being under slept (is there such a word?)

    just went to wally world today to get pic's of the babies, I will be sending some on line so you can post if you like, I had such a wonderful visit w/my two grandchildren there at your house. they are individual and wonderful and of course beautiful !!!(not a partial grandma, just the facts mamm!)

    it truly was worth the travel just to see my children and grandchildren!! life truly is short, grabbing moments of joy in the eyes and lives of the babies makes my dismal existence well worth living!!

    thanks for a great visit, hopefully again soon!
    (not to worry, not TOOOOOO soon, lol)
    muchos blessings,
    gamma (as Tyler calls me)

  4. I love those cloth napkins! We need to find some of those!