Monday, November 2, 2009

Jingle Balls!

I've kind of been in crochet mode lately. I've always loved those knit balls that I see, but never buy because I think to myself..."I'm going to learn to knit real soon". However, one of my mama friends taught me to cast on and knit last year just before I had Zoe and...well...I never learned to cast off-lol! So there I was, stuck with this scarf with two knitting needles attached to it-(lol even more)! I actually still have it around here somewhere, with the needles still attached...waiting to be finished ;D
Needless to say, I don't know why I had never thought about crocheting my own? And that's what I did. A few weeks ago I decided to give it a go with some organic cotton yarn that I had left over from making Zoe some washclothes from last year. Voila! What do ya know-I did it! Mind you, I can't really read patterns, so I don't even try to. Ok, so I can read VERY simple patterns just a wee little bit, but not so well. I mostly come up with my own patterns. If one were a professional, you could probably see where I could've improved on decreasing in a spot or two. However, to the novice's eye or even to those that don't really can't tell.
Oh yeah, so back to the balls. I just started off as I would a beanie. Then midway, I started decreasing as I went around. I stuffed them with wool and put a bell in the middle. To my surprise Zoe absolutely loves her new ball (s). If she were a cat she'd be in heaven! It actually wouldn't be a bad idea for a cat owner friend. You know, just throw in some catnip with the bell :D
Anyhow, I say ball (s) because I ended up making another out of pink and white varigated cotton, and a bit bigger. It's suppose to be for her stocking, but both little one's were playing with it the morning after I made it. Hmmm...I wonder if I stashed it away real quick, would they just forget about the large one until Christmas-lol! I really have so many other things that I need to quickly start on, if I plan on getting all my "Mama Made" gifts done in time. Not to mention Baby Girls birthday is coming up VERY soon!!! Me oh my how they grow like weeds! Now to also start planning for her 1st Birthday!!

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