Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sharing the love with some Etsy Mama's!!

For Zoe's birthday earlier this month we decided to do something a bit more special. Instead of the usual big birthday (like we had for brother's first 2), we decided on an intimate family gathering. We invited a few close friends along with both my sisters' family's and Grandpa and his girlfriend. We wanted to hold in reverence that special day for the celebration of the birth day of our baby girl. It was so nice and so much less stress than the big birthday parties that we have held for Baby Bear's first two! I love Waldorf ed. and am so appreciative for the influence it has had in our lives and lifestyle. It's so us and continues to help us achieve that balance that we crave in our lives. This was our first "Waldorf" birthday :D
I talked dear hubby into taking part of the funds that we would normally spend on a party and instead buy something special for our baby girl. I heard about this wonderful Waldorf doll maker...Nancy at Dragonfly's Hollow on Etsy. She makes some really beautiful dolls. We did a custom order to have her make a doll that resembles our little Ladybug. I named her Lola. In memory of my Aunt Lola who bought me my first doll when I was 10 months old. My Aunt died of cancer not too much longer after that. She was my Dad's favorite and closest sister and from what I know of her, she was exceptional! A big hearted, full of love and a very joyful woman. I obviously don't remember when she gave it to me, but I can tell you growing up...I carried that doll with me EVERYWHERE! That doll was my baby up until the very moment I stopped playing with dolls :D In fact, I still have her. She has since been smashed in the storage that my Mom had her in. Therefore leaving her not in a position to be played with-unfortunately :{
Now, I know that my little Ladybug is still to little to play with her doll, but I'm hoping that it'll be something special that she will hold on to throughout her years. Her special friend that she will always know Mama and Dada bought for her very first birthday. Maybe even someday she will give her dolly to one of her own children, but that is for many, many years down the road :D
Here's our little Ladybugs lovely Lola... sorry the lighting on the first pic was so bad ;)

I would also LOVE to share with you some other very special Mama made items. Now these are not made by me, but have been made by another Mama and made with love all the same! I'm going to rave on about her, because she truly is a wonderful and very special Mama! We have come to absolutely love everything she makes. You can almost feel the love when you open the package!! This here is about Linda at Mamma 4 Earth. She really has some beautiful EVERYTHING-lol! She knits up beautiful Waldorf inspired toys and farm animals. She has her own yarn shop; Pure Wool where she sells her wonderful knitted hats, animals, has gorgeous yarn and now includes beautiful roving and sells handwork supplies as well! I think it's safe to say, it's our love and appreciation for sheep that has bonded us :D
I'm doing two themes for the little one's this Christmas. One is kitchen and the other is farm play. When I had first seen Linda's sheep on her blog I was tickled at how cute they were. Then one day, at one of Jennifer of Syrendell's workshops, I was able to see one of these amazingly cute little fella's in person. That was it! As soon as I came home, I went on her etsy site and drooled a bit-lol! I shared with a friend Linda's etsy shop and we placed an order straight away. By the way Linda, she originally bought the doll for her son, but has since found out that she is having a baby girl! The doll she bought from you will be her daughter's first doll :D
The sheep family that I just couldn't resist. They will go into little Ladybug's stocking.

Linda also made the cute chicken to play on the farm. Thank you Linda!!
With all 3 birthday's, Craft faire, and Christmas crafting, I am just waiting to begin to spin this BEAUTIFUL fiber from Linda's shop! I'll definitely take pics of the yarn I spin, as soon as I can get to spinning some more- which will be VERY shortly :D Thank you dearest Linda for everything!!
I love handmade and if your reading my blog, I'm pretty sure you do too!
Please go check out these wonderful etsy shops from some very talented Mama's!
By the way, Jennifer of Syrendell has two etsy shops as well; Syrendell-featuring some very beautiful handmade toys, crafts, fiber arts, aromatherapy and harp music from her very own talented hubby-Rick. Also check her other shop out tlwoldc - which features many of her gorgeous crocheted and knitted items!
I am fortunate to have met Jennifer. Rick and their lovely children! Truly an amazing family!!

Enjoy the sites everyone!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!!


  1. Hello Dear Rose,
    Your words are so kind, thank you so very much, it was such a pleasure creating those knitted treasures for your little one :) You are a wonderful mama and I feel truly blessed to know you... Nancy from Dragonflys Hollow is lovely, we have 2 of her Waldorf dolls, they are truly amazing... Jennifer from Syrendell is so very talented and has lovely Etsy shops... How wonderful that your friend is expecting a girl and thank you so much for sharing that the doll will be her little one's first doll, precious...

    I wish you and your family a wonderful New Year Rose.

  2. Thanks for the links to other toy makin mamas! Always a welcome thing! Happy Holidays!

  3. Those animals are beautiful, thanks for the link!