Sunday, December 6, 2009

Some Completed Projects!

Last night I was finally able to make my Little Bear's pillow. I decided to make him a regular pillow with bamboo filling. I then used the "choo choo" fabric to make a little pillowcase with a big "T" for Tyler! This gives me the option of being able to make and change more pillowcases, as he tends to be a messy little guy-as most boys are-lol!
I also was able to get the machine to embroider his name on it. I was in a big rush to get it to him before bed, as I promised it would be done. This was before I knew we would be out all day-loL! It is perfectly proportioned to his bed :D
When I showed it to him he said the most adorable thing..."OH thank you Mama! I'm so proud of you!". Now how cute is that? I couldn't help but giggle. "I'm proud of you too baby boy!".

Here is Ladybug's Birthday garland. It isn't finished, but it was all I could do to put it up on her birthday. I'd like to put it up in her room, so I do want to still add and complete it. Unfortunately, a good portion of my morning last Friday was taken up by the old homeowners, trying to collect rent on the home that we are living in, which has been auctioned off last week. Little did they know, that I was prepared for something like this (unfortantely). I did seek legal council and so now they have been advised to show proof that the "Old Owner" bought back the house. He's a property investor and had let 4 homes in our area go last month! Then our dryer broke down :{
Afterward, I decided that since it's Ladybug's birthday...after the last incident all by noon...we officially declared it "ZOE DAY!", with no further discussion of anything least to not let those things affect our happiness in the celebration of our beautiful little girl's 1st birthday :D


  1. Happy Zoe day! Beautiful projects! I am a big fan of wool banners. Check out mine here and here.

  2. Tyler must be very proud of his new pillow! I love the colors in Zoe's banner, very pretty.