Monday, April 27, 2009

MayDay Activities

So I've seemed to have lost my camera and must apologize for not making this post appear more inviting-augh! I think I know where it is...hmmm....Anyhow, we've had such a fun-filled weekend. One of my girlfriends got married and I (for the first time) was a bridesmaid :D
I wish I would've brought along a movie camera. My little guy is just the cutest. He really is just so sociable. Going in and out of the different tribes attending-chatting, sharing his grapes, and breakdancing! Yes, he was actually 2 year old! Children are just so amazing...oh how I wish I would've brought our movie camera.
Mayday is quickly approaching. We are going to a "MayDay Festival" at the nearest Waldorf School. It'll be our first MayDay celebration as a family. I so look forward to Tyler joining in on the Maypole dance. I'm going to make some crowns for the family. The males will wear leaf crowns strung together simply by sewing thread through the tops of each one. The females will wear flower crowns strung together the same way. I'll be sure to take some pics to share!
What is everyone else doing for MayDay? Please share!

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