Monday, May 4, 2009

MayDay Festival

We had a wonderful time at the MayDay Festival at the Sierra Waldorf School in Jamestown-Sonora. It was our first family MayDay festival, so I was especially excited!

It started off raining that day, which is great for the valley since we so badly needed it. Figuring it would be even colder, since we were heading off into the mountains for our celebration. We dressed warmly.

Tyler kept making me laugh, because after this first pic (I of course wanted to take more than one!) I would squat down to get a better pic without too much background and what do you think he'd guessed it! I'd squat down to take the pic and he'd squat down and say "Cheese".

A classic example of how children mimic everything we do!

We had such a wonderful time that day. Tyler was able to play with the other little ones at the school. They would go in groups and look at the animals-chickens and lambs. We made flags/banners. Dada kept Zoe nice and warm...and out of the rain! We did make the floral wreaths-at least mine was. Tyler's was made out of grape leaves and a few herb flowers.

We ended up having to leave right before the dance took place, but were able to stay long enough to hear the children's grade choirs sing songs welcoming in Spring.


  1. Happy May Day! How nice that you were able to see at least part of the festival. I love Tyler's hat...did you knit it? So cute.

  2. Thank you! I got it on Hyena Cart. I can crochet, but I wish I could knit. I'm determined to learn hopefully soon.

  3. I say let's mark the calendars for next year!