Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I am the Mushroom King!!!

I am the Mushroom King...I can do anything!Here is a pic of Tyler in his "Mushroom Crown" that we received from our "Mushroom swap". We also received that gorgeous playsilk from an earlier "Earth Swap". We are getting everything divided up to get them ready for mailing. I will post pics once they're in the mail.

This way I don't ruin any surprises other than this one sneak peek-he he!

By the way, a friend referred us to this site named Green Baby Bargains. They email you a bargain a day of something that is...well..."Green". I have purchased from them and have been very pleased with what these mama's are doing. Why not check 'em out? Green Baby Bargains rock eco mom's!!


  1. Wow....what great swap items! I love swaps. :)

  2. Hello : ) I am new to your blog, happy to be here!
    Your little boy is darling, the crown and playsilk are so lovely!!

  3. I love that crown! And playsilks are the toy we will never tire off-- my 15 month old loves them. My four year old loves them. And yes, even my ten year old still finds ways to use them in play....

  4. That crown is the coolest! You hosted a great swap. I can't wait to see the next one.