Monday, August 3, 2009


Normally, I don't post about these types of things, but today I just couldn't help but to think of how unique each and every person out there is when I read this. Sometimes we just all need a reminder every now and then.
I read this little booklet everyday called, "Daily Word"- or at least I try to everyday. I love reading it for early morning meditation . The reason why I love this booklet, is that it is of the "spiritual" nature. Nothing forced on you. Just spiritual. I can remember a time when I was much, much younger, someone gifted me a subscription. It has a scripture at the bottom of the page and at that time I wouldn't read it, because I was turned off (at that time in my life) by anything with a scripture in it...but that's another story for another day. Then a few months before the subscription ended I picked it up and that day's daily word spoke volumes to spoke to my spirit. This little booklet often speaks to me and coinsides with whatever it is I happen to either be going through, or whatever it is I've been reflecting on- don't you just love when that happens! I love to find the beauty and truth's in all things and beliefs.
Today's word just makes me think of how truely special each and every one of us are. Sometimes it's just the little things.

The word is... "Self-expression"
I am the one and only me.
I may not think of myself as a creative person, but I know that I have unique talents and skills to share.
For instance, art may appear on a canvas, or it may appear in a meal prepared with love. Some hands sculpt clay or play a musical instrument, and some gently hold the hand of a child. Wisdom can be found in books, but it can also be found in quiet conversation across the kitchen table.
I am creative in my own unique way. As I more fully express who I am, I bless others, and blessings flow back to me. I am creative, productive, and open to divine inspiration. I give my gifts to the world.


  1. I couldn't agree more!!

    *Art* and *creativity* have long had prescribed definitions to them....definitions that don't truly encompass what they really mean. And don't allow for the fact that we are ALL artists and creative beings....


  2. Thanks for sharing. It is a wonderful affirmation verse. I too believe that we all have the capacity for creative expression - it is the way the soul speaks to other souls! Have an amazing day!

  3. Thank you for writing such beauty and truth in this space, what an inspiration : )

  4. Thank you for sharing the verse. It does speak volumes. I really agree with the comment Mel wrote above. Art and Creativity can not be boxed in by a single defination.