Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Zoe!!

Last week was my little Zoe's first birthday :D

Words can not describe the joy that you have brought to our lives. Words can not describe the happiness you have brought to our family. We love you and everyday I am grateful and know that I am blessed to be the mother to you and your brother. I love your beautiful smile! I love how when you don't get what you want, you scrunch up your face and pucker your mouth and make that funny little breathing noise! I love how girlie you are, you're quite the princess! I love that you have brought such a wonderful balance to our family! I love that you are such an affectionate baby! I love that you, for the most part only want to be held by Mama and Dada! I love your sweet spirit! Thank you for choosing us to be your family! Thank you Zoe Grace...we love you!

Happy very 1st Birthday Zoe!!!


  1. I like Zoe's birthday crown. It's so cute! By the way, I was wondering how you store the beeswax ornaments when you're not using them.

  2. Thank you Jackie, I actually have not crossed that bridge yet. I plan on giving most away with our Christmas cards. I will keep some to hang in the window so that the sun can give off the honey scent of the beeswax-yummy! I would say wrap them with parchment paper so that they don't stick to each other if there is heat and try and keep them in a cool place. You can also do the same but store them in the freezer :D

  3. Happy birthday to your baby! The crown turned out just lovely and she looks so cute in it. Glad you had such an amazing day. Blessings!