Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Wellness Tree "Angel"

I've created this Angel for the wonderful Kelly for whom the "Wellness Tree Project" was inspired by. Kelly is a fellow mother ,blogger, and crafter who is currently fighting cancer. The wonderful Nicole of GardenMama has organized this sisterhood of fellow mothers and bloggers to make an ornament that will be hung on a garland for Kelly. These ornaments are made with love that we each have not only as a compassionate person, but as mother's who give our hearts and prayers to Kelly and her family. Kelly, we see you in the perfect healing light and love of God.
You probably see the little card that the angel is holding. On this piece of paper, I've written the "Prayer for Protection" that I learned from our church. I've changed the "US" to read "YOU".
The Light of God Surrounds us,
The Love of God Enfolds us,
The Power of God Protects us,
and the Presence of God Watches over us,
Where ever we are, God Is AND All Is Well!

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