Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Where Do We Go From Here?

Life has taken a major change for my family since I've last posted. For starter's we are no longer moving to Portland, Oregon because my husband and I have since separated. It was my choice. A rather abrupt decision, which was very difficult for me to make. I just got my own place with my little's and am beginning to turn it into a home.
I must admit, I wasn't going to blog anymore. I was going to leave it behind. Everytime I would read one of your lovely blogs, it would make me cry! Which is why I had also stopped reading blogs! I would read about the things everyone would do as a family and it would just hurt so bad, because those were the same things "we" would do as a family. It was as if I were (and still am) in mourning over the loss of the beautiful family we once had. I have to admit...we had an absolutely awesome family. I adore my family. As husband and wife...we just lacked much! I don't know if I've made the right decision, but here I am. A single mother of two. I'm fortunate that DH is very active and I know will continue to be a very active father.
Now that I have my own home again. Slowly but surely I've been unpacking (which is painful, because it seems to me that "EVERYTHING" holds a memory). Last month most of our stuff was stolen from our storage unit, so I am needing to rebuild my Waldorf items. Our home life/lifestyle has been in chaos for the most part, and you really don't know how much I am looking forward to bringing in our rhythms again.
As of today, I've decided to start blogging again. I thought for a quick second of changing the name, but you know what? My home still is a "Love's Nest", no matter what! Why change it? I make my life and the life of my children what I want. If something isn't the way I like it, then I need to change it. Lately things have been chaotic, therefore, I am taking steps and action into changing that. This blog will help me refocus on the things I've always enjoyed with my family. It's just that now, our family dynamics are a little bit different...and, even though I don't know what the future holds for us all...it's gonna be alright.
As for now...it's time to rebuild the "Love's Nest".


  1. Dear Rose
    I am so happy that you are blogging again, I have missed you! I am sending you love and light:) You are an amazing mama and woman!

  2. Oh Rose, how I had missed you! I am so glad that you are back and I am so sorry for your heartbreak. You have so much strength and love, you are amazing and wondrous.

    Hugs, hugs and even more hugs!

  3. So sorry to hear about your hubby and you. The break up of a marriage is hard on everyone, especially the kids but life is no fairy tale. Though not together as husband and life, you can still work together as partners in the parenting end of it. As a day care provider I've come across a lot of kids from broken homes that are wonderful, happy, well rounded little people...it all depends on how committed and supportive the parents are. All the best to you and your little ones.

  4. Big HUGS from us to you. We miss you and love you and can't wait to start hearing from you on your blog again. Kissssessssssss

  5. Oh Ladies! You don't know just how much your kinds words mean to me...especially right now! It means the world!!
    Thank you and I send much love to each of you and your families!!

  6. Dear Rose,
    I have missed you in these spaces. I am happy you are finding your way here again. Wishing you strength, peace and much love during this time. xoxo

  7. I have also missed reading your blogs! Hope you are healing.


  8. How incredibly brave of you to step out on your own when where you are in life isn't working. Life is short and one has to choose for one's happiness. Hugs,

  9. What a beautiful and brave post!! I wish you well as you adapt and grow into your new role as a single mamma! It is courageous to leave a marriage that isn't working...you should be SO proud of yourself for doing what is best for you and your family. Be strong!!
    love and hugs

  10. I have heard countless stories like yours but so many have such beautiful new chapters. Your post left me in tears and I just wish I could reach out and help you. Is there any Waldorf items that you that I could help you replace? I'm always picking up stuff even though my 2 are growing older. Let me know if I can help.
    xoxo Selena

  11. Oh, I am so saddened to read of your marriage and can't believe what bravery it must take to set out on your own. And to have your stuff ripped off?!?!? Incomprehensible. i hope your new path leads you all to a better place. Was so happy you stopped by my blog...hope to see more of you on your own soon.

  12. Rose, I was so glad to read this post, as I have been thinking about you lately and wondering how you are doing. Everything will be fine...right now is just "transition". Know that my thoughts are with you and you wonderful family. :)