Monday, August 9, 2010

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas- Planning!

Well folks, it's time for "Thrift Share Monday" and I have to say..."I'm excited!!!".
Last Thursday I went back to the local estate sale one day before they opened to the public as I knew they were going to take out some more items. When I arrived I walked to the back area since I didn't really spend too much time there the week before. As I walked back I immediately saw the cutest vintage doll rocking crib! I gently smiled and picked it up thinking how cute that would be for Christmas. Then, to my delight I noticed something else. It was the oddest big wooden box that was partially open and looked like it had some drawers inside. I opened it up a bit wider and was a steamer trunk for doll clothes priced at only $16!! Score!!! I then went up front to ask the price for the crib. The owner said she was gonna tag it for $20 but would give it to me for $10! Score!!!As you can probably tell, this Mama is still excited about it-lol! Two great items for only $26 dollars.
My plans? Well, I thought this is a great way to get a jump start on Christmas items. I am going to clean up the rocking crib, make a new mattress pad for it, a new pillow, and a doll quilt. Imagine how cute that'll look under the Christmas tree! My plan for the doll steamer trunk? I will be making clothes for my little ones dolls, put them on little hangers, maybe make some shoes and accessories and put them in the drawers. Imagine how cute that'll be when they open it up!!
I'm excited to take something pre-owned and "Doll it up"- pardon the pun! What a fun project it'll be! I look forward to showing you all the finished projects :D


  1. Such a great find! That will be so fun to get that ready for Christmas.

  2. i agree, fun finds! i like your plans for them. the doll steam trunk is adorable!

    ~ ana

    p.s. followed you from atg...

  3. oh too fun! i love that trunk!!

  4. Great finds. I especially love the steamer trunk. I had one like it when I was a little girl. The inside of papered with a pink and white stripe. Have fun working on them!

  5. I think we have that exact cradle. I bought it at a thrift shop a while back & my little one loves it. She's puts her dolly or animals in there and love to rock them back and forth. Great finds mama!