Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gnome Swap

I made these miniature wool felted food sets for our gnome swap. I figured everyone was probably going to be making little gnomies, so why not do something different? Don't gnomes need to eat too?

First I was thinking of making a little table and chairs from wood and boiled linseed oil. This would've been too bulky to send 5 sets to the hostess. Besides, a lot of little one's either have little doll tables or improvised tables. Then it came to me...gnome food, to go on those tables. Yeah! So I ended up wet felting some of the fruit and needle felting the rest. It was fairly simple to do. I must say they came out pretty good, considering this is my 4th felting project, since I started a few months ago. I LOVE felting. It really is fun and very forgiving. If you haven't yet, check out your local waldorf school store for materials. Another great place that a girlfriend of mine gets her goodies at is http://www.weirdolls.com/ Lot's of natural goodness! Check out their website if you get a chance. They even have an entire section on "Crafting with Kids"!

On a completely different subject, we got our pics back from a session back in Jan/Feb. I'm so excited! They came out great. I posted one of them as my profile pic. I just had to share it. It's one of my fave's. Aaah...such precious moments!


  1. Gnome food is a fabulous idea! They do need to eat, after all. :) I'm sure that the recipients in the gnome swap will be excited to get your little felted food.

  2. I love the Gnome food. Clay's little Gnomey Homey would love to chow down on some handmade goodness. Great idea! Whoever gets you in the swap is sure to get a kick out of that. BTW I love the photos. They are so beautiful I had to show DH.

  3. We just got our gnome swap in the mail today and wanted to let you knwo that my kids LOVED them! They are currently "cooking" their gnome food over the gnome fire we got in the package too! Thanks so much!