Wednesday, May 6, 2009

In the Garden

Today was such a lovely day. I had such wonderful company. Zoe was busy playing with her playsilk, being as cute as can be.

As you can see, Tyler was a busy little bee. "I help Mama!" he says with a big grin. "Yes, you help Mama". As all children probably do, he loves playing in the dirt. He's learning all about how to grow plants. He likes it too!

So while they played...

Mama played in my little garden. It's my first very own vegetable garden. I've always grown herbs which are pretty simple to take care of, esp. basil. We are growing a few different varieties of tomatoes-boy are my friends and neighbors goingt to love me when these begin to fruit! I'm also growing pepper, yellow onions, oregano, basil, chives, and cilantro. So far everything has survived it's first two weeks, so that puts a great big smile on my face. I'm hoping to get better and eventually grow a much bigger garden. For now, this one makes me very happy! Everyday I look out the window to take a look at how they've done over night-as if their suddenly going to grow huge like in "Jack and the Beanstalk"-lol. I look out the window and have a big smile on my face, because I unlike my grandmother, do not have much of a greenthumb. Embarrased to say, I really have to attend to my plants in order for them to just survive. My grandma on the other hand, can practically clip a leaf off of a plant, stick it in water and before you know's a whole new plant!!!

Funny how that works out. Oh how I wish it was hereditary and Oh how I love my gramm's!! Afterall, she did raise me most of my childhood. I get a lot from her, just not the greenthumb.
I do have two mama's to thank for this garden. This Vintage Chica for her inspiration Formatting from selection69e201156fe55d7e970b
(Sorry, I don't know how to do that "Here"-click and it take you to the link. So embarassed!)

And last but definitely not least...Brandy- The Rucker Family for her Dad's awesome tomatoe and pepper plants. Thank you Brandy and Bruce!!!

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  1. We can't wait for our garden to grow either! Looks like everyone enjoyed the beautiful day, that makes me smile.